Real-Time Adaptive Motion Control for Any Robot

Real-Time Adaptive Motion Control for Any Robot. Actin® is a general robot control and tasking framework built to meet the rigorous requirements of industrial, commercial, collaborative, and consumer robotic systems. In addition to being the only robotics SDK that provides real-time adaptive motion control for any robot or complex articulated mechanism, Actin provides users with a framework that can be used throughout the development process to simulate, build, control, and deploy a robotic system with unparalleled control capabilities.

With the Actin SDK, roboticists are free to focus on what the robot does and where the end effectors and tools should be, not on how they get there. To this end, Actin supports advanced features not found in other control solutions, such as real-time collision avoidance, interactive control, and collaborative robot features for any number of axes.

Actin not only offers support for common robot manufacturers and new or custom systems but enables cross-vendor coordination. Actin users are not constrained by an operating system. Unlike open source or research solutions, Actin is built to support mission-critical applications and run on embedded systems.

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