mask KN95 production line
mask KN95 production line
mask KN95 production line
mask KN95 production line
mask KN95 production line
mask KN95 production line
mask KN95 production line

Línea automática de producción de mascarillas KN95 de alta velocidad

A fully automatic equipment for the production of folding mask bodies.
It uses ultrasonic waves to bond 3-5 layers of PP nonwoven fabric,
activated carbon and filter materials, and cut out the folding mask
bodies. Then the spot welding machine welds the ear band to the body to
complete the production of the entire folding mask. The material of the
earband is elastic non-woven fabric, which makes the wearer's ears
comfortable and fits the shape of the human face. It can be used in
highly polluting industries such as construction and mining.

Production efficiency: 60-65pcs / min

Main Features

Introduction to action process:

1. The required standard parts are all CE certified products, the
performance of the whole machine is stable and reliable.

2. Full servo control, simple operation and convenient debugging.

3. Servo actively unwinds, constant tension to ensure the invariability
of the fabric, and the melt-blown fabric does not tear.

4. Modular and user-friendly design and maintenance are convenient.

5. The control system supports online connection and can provide
technical services remotely.

6. Use cover, safety lock and grating to improve the safety of the
whole machine.

Working environment requirements:

1. The ambient temperature is required to be between 15 and 35 ℃, and air conditioning is required.
2. The humidity requirement is 40% to 80%, no condensation, dehumidifier should be installed.
3. Power grid requirements: AC220V, 50Hz; rated power 15KW.
4. Fluctuations in the power supply grid: ± 5%, the grid ground meets international requirements. In areas where the voltage amplitude is above 5%, automatic voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing devices should be installed.
5. There should be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near the installation equipment, and avoid radio transmission stations (or relay stations) around the installation site.
6. Ground amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g; avoid a large number of machine tools such as stamping nearby.
7. The space requirements of the equipment must be smoke-free and dust-free, to avoid working environment with serious dust such as metal polishing and grinding.
8. Air pressure: 0.8MPa.
9. In some environments, anti-static floors should be installed and shielding should be strengthened.
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