Linea Produccion Mascarilla Quirurgica
Linea Produccion Mascarilla Quirurgica
Linea Produccion Mascarilla Quirurgica
Linea Produccion Mascarilla Quirurgica
Linea Produccion Mascarilla Quirurgica

Línea Automática de Producción de Mascarillas Quirurgicas

By using ultrasonic technology to produce flat masks and easy to
operate,which can realize automatic production of flat mask . From raw
material loading to finished masks are automated in operations, including coil
material loading, folding and pressing, nose clip loading, mask forming
and cutting, ear band loading and welding, finished products and other

Mainly three parts which can realize the entire process from material
loading to folding molding and press cutting.:

  1. unloading material rack

  2. folding components

  3. ultrasonic welding and cutting components

Outer ear band ultrasonic welding machine can automatically clip the
ear band wires which need for cutting, and weld wires to the shunted

with the ultrasonic welding machine at a precise position. Welding
strength is stable and reliable and output items which welding well
after a certain number of stacks.


Item Model Power/ Ultrasonic
Voltage Air
Technical HS-PKB101A1 13KW/20KHz 220V - 50/60Hz 0.5 - 0.7Mpa 60PCS/min

Equipment List

Name Description Quantity
Folding and forming device Finish unloading, folding and slicing 1
Outer ear band welding machine Outer ear band welding 1


1. Automatic counting can effectively control the production efficiency and production progress;
2. Frequency conversion control can adjust operating speed of machine according to actual needs;
3. Mask machine has a high degree of automation and requires low levels of operating for staff's operations, only needs to discharge and organize the finished product; 4. Modular and humanized design, convenient and fast maintenance.

Technological Process

1. The entire roll of non-woven fabric is pressed together by roller; the non-woven fabric is unfolded by mechanical folding, the entire length of nose clip is pulled and unrolled, cut to length, then put into the edged fabric. Welding sealing by ultrasonic welding, shaping with a cutter;
2. After cutting and shaping, loading into the ear band welding machine.

Equipment Environmental Requirement Standard

1. Production environment must in a Class D clean workshop in principle.
2. There should be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near
the installation equipment, avoid radio transmitting stations (or relay stations) around the installation site;
3. Foundation amplitude: less than 50um;
vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g; avoid a lot of machine tools and equipment;
4, in some specific environments should be equipped with anti-static floor, strengthen shielding.
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