Spray Desinfection Robot
Spray Desinfection Robot
Spray Desinfection Robot
Spray Desinfection Robot
Spray Desinfection Robot
Spray Desinfection Robot
Spray Desinfection Robot
Spray Desinfection Robot

Robot Desinfección por Espray

Professional sterilization and disinfection robot platform

Carry the medical sterilization and disinfection system, provide the
open technical platform and support customizations

  • Sterilization and disinfection Autonomous navigation

  • Internet of Everything

  • Open source technology

  • Smart obstacle avoidance

  • Multi-robot interconnection

  • Customization

The disinfection robot is equipped with a new space dry mist
sterilization system, which has strong sterilization ability and
extremely low corrosion.

This system uses a special disinfectant preparation to sterilize in the
form of a dry mist. Through strong air supply, the dry mist is diffused
and evaporated in the space, thereby completely killing and viruses in
the air.

Strong sterilization and sterilization

The dry mist space sterilization system replaces traditional formal
dehydesterilization, which has a strong sterilization ability. The
sterilization efficiency of Bacillus stearothermophilus can reach to 6
logarithmic levels.

Large working space

Single-point mobile sterilization generator with sterilization space of
20-500 m³, it can cover a large-scale space disinfection and

No harmful residue

The final decomposition products of the special disinfectant are water
vapour and oxygen, and there is no toxic and it does not need frequent
cleaning and maintenance.

Wide bactericidal range

It has a broad-spectrum disinfection effect.

Unmanned Work

The disinfection robot is an autonomous robot, which can work
autonomously according to a settled disinfection route, setting time,
fixed-points, multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization in a
large environment. It reduces manpower input and improved work
efficiency and quality.


Sterilization Performance

1. Diameter of spray particles: 10μm on average and short spray radius. Sprayed drops will not settle down and aggregate. Instead, they can diffuse freely for effective spatial and surface contacts.
2. Sterilization effect: log4 to log6 broad-spectrum sterilization
3. Air flow: ≤3.9 m3/min
4. Dosage: 15g/min
5. Special sterilizing agents: Hydrogen peroxide: 5.0% to 7.9% (It does not cause any corrosion to color sheet steel and require frequent cleaning and maintenance).
6. Capacity of carrying sterilizing agents: Not less than 1,500g.

Sterilization Methods

1. The robot carries the new type of dry fog space sterilization system. The average diameter of liquid drops is 10μm, similar to the size of airborne particles, ensuring a full contact and evaporation with the surfaces for sterilization. Liquid drops are diffused in the air through Brownian movement to keep a constant concentration within the specified period of time, thus achieving sterilization and disinfection in specific environments. The sprayed dry fogs have the following features:
(1) Dry fog drops will not settle down and move at random (according to the principle of Brownian movement).
(2) Dry fog drops will not be aggregated into a big liquid drop.
(3) Upon reaching a surface, dry fog drops will rebound rather than break, accordingly moisturizing the surface.
Effective spatial and surface contacts are guaranteed for inaccessible parts because of above features.
2. At least two types of warning (including voice and indicator) are provided during sterilization.
3. It can automatically calculate working time according to the size of sterilization area.
4. It can perform 360° multi-point sterilization towards an object.

Technical Specifications

Sterilization level Log4-log6
Disinfectant Medical disinfectant
Spray particle size 10 um
Disinfectant Consumption 15 g/min
Moving Method Two wheels with differential speed
Zero radius turning
Wheel tire TPE tire
1.5 inch width
8 inches diameter
Obstacle crossing height 10 mm at the speed 0.4 m/s
Obstacle crossing width 45 mm at the speed 0.4 m/s
Floor Horizontal floor
Climbing slope 10° at full loaded condition
Brake distance 0.23 m at the speed of 0.5 m/s


1. Processor: Intel® J1900 Quad-core 2.0Hz; Chipset: Intel® Bay trail SOC chipset
2. Smart obstacle avoidance: The product features the navigation solution integrating at least five types of sensor, including lidar, ultrasonic sensor, podometer, gyroscope and air collision sensor).
3. The robot can limberly avoid floating, hollow and transparent obstacles (for example, handcart, operating table and glass) amid strong lights and weak lights (visible at night) and in completely dark environments.
4. Air collision sensors are arranged on the front and back of the robot, which are more sensitive than anti-collision edges.
5. Motor torque 8.1Nm (high load but low power consumption)
6. The chassis has a suspension system, which can stabilize the robot while it traverses a threshold.

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