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D module 14

Han's Robot has designed for the collaborative robot a
two-joint module. It highly integrates frameless direct drive torque
motor, low-voltage DC drive, harmonic drive, brake and so on, which
conforms to the compact and flexible feature of a collaborative robot.

The high integration design reduces customer's R&D
investment in engineers and time, simplifies supplier chain management
and comprehensive quality management cost, thus achieving quick
marketing of new robots. Therefore, it makes the development of
collaborative robot more stable, reliable, convenient, safe as well as
meets design diversity.



Model D module 14 series
Maximum Rotation Speed 135°/s
Rotation Angle +/- 360°
Rated Torque 9.4 Nm
Peak Torque 34 Nm
Repeatability 20 arcsec
Weight 2.8 Kg

Communication Ether CAT
Ambient temperatue range 0-50°
Working humidity 10-80%
Supply voltage DC 48V
Certification CE,ISO
IP Class IP54
Main Material Aluminum Alloy
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