Gimatic Spain presents the MPRJ parallel kinematic electrical clamps (Mechatronics Parallel Electric Grippers), designed to be used in collaborative applications. <


In this range, the Gimatic experience is merged in the process of design and development of mechanical and electronic components, and the desire to offer the industry a product with excellent features and easy to use, that can be quickly integrated into applications. of manipulation without the need of programming. It is an electric and valuable alternative to pneumatic products, the driver is integrated into the product and the motorization is always brushless.

This MPRJ2553 parallel kinematic electric clamp has the following outstanding features, in addition to all those already present in the mechatronic range:

  • Anti-trapping protection of the articulated arms.
  • Total closing / opening torque 90 Ncm.
  • Total stroke 53 mm.

    The MPRJ25 clamp also offers the possibility of including inductive sensors for the detection of its position.

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