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Concierge Robot

The concierge robot can perform real-time video and voice call, provide common case answers, diagnosis and treatment assistance, remote diagnosis, identification and settlement terminals, medication reminders, smart rounds, patients through video, voice recognition, and touch interaction.

In hospitals, repetitive tasks such as outpatient education, related reminders occupy a lot of time for hospital nurses.

The concierge robot will re-plan nursing work, free nurses from tedious work, enable them to focus more on professional fields such as disease observation and diagnose.

It is useful for the surveillance of vital diseases, pre-operative education, post-operative guidance, etc., to provide intelligent and humanized medical services for patients. You can also adjust tasks and deploy robots according to the real situation.


Technical Specifications

Screen 10.1 inch
Resolution 1280x800
Camera 1080p night vision camera
3D Camera 6 m detection range 
Microphone 6 microphone array
5 m detection range
Echo cancellation
Speaker 4W +10W
Fingerprint Module (Optional) 0.00001% Fake rate
NFC Module (Optional) 0-4 cm detection range
<1 s etection time
SIM/TF Slot Supported
Network WIFI(2.4G/BLE), Bluetooth
Network (Optional) 4G/5GSIM card module
Size 43x45x110 cm
Weight 16 Kg

Moving Speed 0.8m/s max.
Braking Distance <0.2 m at max. speed
Drive Method 2 front drive wheels 
1back direction wheel
Laser Sensor 10 m detection range
Ultrasonic Sensor 0.2 m - 1.0 m
Human Body Detection 1.5 m detection range
Obstacle Crossing Ability <10 mm
Gradeability <15°
Battery Life 48 h Standby
6-8 h Normal use
4 h Cruise mode
Battery Capacity 19.2Ah, 14.8v
Charging Method Cable charger, Charging dock
Charging Time 4-6 hours
Material ABS + PC

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